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 Reference Point Therapy


Reference Point Therapy is a simple method of clearing underlying associations of trauma.  That one believes through the use of feelings and responses from life’s experiences.  This process does not require one to re-experience trauma or attach a feeling to the problem.  It is tracing trauma to the beginning of the experience and then changing that reaction, response, reference point.

Reference Point Therapy is based loosely on the concepts by researcher Grant McFetridge’s seminal work Peak States of Consciousness, Soleria Green’s work and Dr. Hen Len’s Ho’oponopono.  Paraphrasing Grant McFetridge; we keep ourselves from achieving enlightenment, success, happiness, etc. because of traumatic feeling held at key developmental events in our biology and soul.  In Reference Point Therapy we address the emotional reactions held at those events that create the trauma.

What can you do with RPT:

      Release anxiety,  

      Clear the fears of lack, 

      Find and heal the core of stress,

       Stop the self-sabotage,  

      Clear grief and feelings of loss,   

      Stop the cycle of dysfunctional relationships,  

      Stop Worrying,  

      Unblock your creativity,  

Have better relationships (job, family, intimate) and much more.   




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