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Energy Chelation


$70.00 Hourly


This session requires a room of solitude and low lights, my office is the perfect place however a room in your home may be used, and one lies on a message table.


What is Energy Chelation?

It is a form of hands on energy, used to release energetic blocks in one’s system.  Releasing blocks assist the energy field to move freely creating harmony.  Energy Chelation work can be directed to very specific areas of the body.

This also allows for deeper work at the spiritual level.


Q. How does Energy Chelation work?  Energy Chelation works by moving heavy or stagnated energy, once this movement takes on a transformation then your whole body system reacts similar to downloading, accepting the changes in your energy field into your physical being.


Q. Is there detoxification with Energy Chelation?   Yes, and it is good to have a day or two afterwards to rest as sometimes detoxification can act like the flue and depending on your needs, will determine the kind of detoxification you will have.  There are times when you may not have any detoxification.  That means the transformation of the energy in your whole body system was welcomed and accepted easily.


Q. Does Energy Chelation use the practitioner’s energy?    No, Energy Chelation is earth energy, in color it is earth red, dense in texture and come up through the practitioner’s feet and into hands.


Q.  What is the difference between Energy Chelation and Reiki?   Reiki is best use for general consistent work to maintain your energy whole field balance.  Energy Chelation is best applied to detailed energy needs in defined areas of one energy field.  Energy Chelation also has different vibrations associated with it, such as sound energy.  Sound Energy is described as a deep vibration and is very effectively use on areas of old stagnate energy, such as childhood issues.  These old issues are stubborn dense often times large energy blocks that require that extra boost of vibration to initiate movement.



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