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Rev Kay Morris-Johnson

 About Kay


     Kay Morris-Johnson, Certified Master Reflexologist has been involved with both mainstream medicine and alternative health most of her life.   At the age nine she learned the basics of reflexology, in her teens she worked with special needs children using Domain Delicoty, since then she has studied Shiatsu, Feldenkrais Therapy, and Physical Therapy. 

     Kay spent over twenty years working with non-verbal, high-medical risk children in group homes, hospitals and schools. Although Kay worked in all aspects of care from nursing to psychology, intrigued by anatomy physiology her interest in physical therapy grew into a passion of the heart.  Kay found the time she spent during those years rewarding and truly loved watching transformations happen be it slow or miracle fast.  Her heart strings still are deeply rooted to children who touched her, taught her life lessons and skills of compassion through their integrity.

     In the early 2000’s Kay became an ordained minister with the Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregation. Shortly afterwards, she studied for 3 years becoming a Reiki Master.

     Kay then teamed up with Michelle Downing at The Whole Life Center in Federal Way, Washington in 2007 and wanted to expand her vision of bringing Reflexology to her clients.  In 2010 Kay earned a Certificate of Mastery in Reflexology from the Seattle Reflexology & Massage Center, a National Board/State Certified Program.  International instructors are a part of her training including Hanna Marquardt the Grandmother of Reflexotherapy. 

     To date, Kay is a member of  Washington Reflexology Association and a  committee chair. We are working toward the registration process of Reflexolgist by the state in 2013. And with all of this, Kay continues the updating of her qualifications as a Reference Point Therapy Practioner.

     Partnering with you, Kay combines all her talents in finding relief from your stress and assisting you into body, mind, and spirit awareness.

 Isn’t that what we all want?  


Kay Morris-Johnson

Certified Master Reflexologist

Washington State Registration # RF60394345

Cell: 253 217 6159

E-mail: optimalself@q.com

Serving South Central Puget Sound including Auburn,

Federal Way, Kent, Renton, Tacoma and surrounding areas.



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